Sunny eXtreme - Windsurf and Kite

You could find everything for windsurf and windsurfing, snowboard, ski, kitesurf, diving, swimming and other water sports at the sports store Sunny eXtreme, or in the e-shop at the web site.
     In our forum you could find useful information regarding the spots you could windsurf and kitesurf, ski and snowboard, training movies, answers to your questions from the best windsurfers, advises about the rigging and the setting up of the equipment.
     We offer full range of windsurfing equipment from the world leading companies at best prices - windsurfing boards, sails, masts, booms, bases, fins, extensions, anemometers, harnesses, wetsuits and accessories. You could find also full range of snowboard equipment - snowboards, snowboard boots, snowboard bindings, all snowboards accessories.

We are representatives for the following companies: LoftSails - windsurf sails, booms, masts, harnesses and windsurfing accessories; Maui Fins Co - windsurf & kitesurf fins; BARE - wetsuits and full range neoprene accessories; EXOCET & KONA - windsurfing boards, board bags and accessories; LORCH - windsurfing boards, ski, snowboard and accessories; Unifiber - water sports accessories, board bags; Ascan - windsurf equipment and full range accessories and wetsuits, Liquid Force - kitesurf kites and boards, Underground Kiteboards - kitesurf boards, Alpine Pro - sports equipment. We offer sports clothes and equipment from the companies: Relax and Hannah - hiking, sporting sunglasses & helmets, ZOGGS - swimming goggles and accessories, AQUALUNG - diving equipment and accessories, AQUASPHERE - swimming goggles and accessories , F2 / FTWO - windsurf, kite, ski and snowboard equipment, Quatro.

At the winter season we offer equipment and accessories for winter sports. You could buy windsurf, snowboard and other sport equipment at lease and also pay with debit cards, Transcart and Sodexhopass vouchers. You could make an announcement for selling or buying new or used equipment.